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Speaking Thai language level 5

We will learn Thai language from Thai advertisements with English subtitle.                                                    Page 1

All the free streaming videos are from www.youtube.com

We will provide you with the brief explanation under each

This ad is about the people who were music lovers.   They said everything by singing.

This ad is about the hang over boss who drank the whiskey with his colleagues at the night time and  came to work without taking a bath in the morning.

This ad is about the man who had the running stomach-ache and met the old and SLOW female seller which made him could not go to the toilet in time.

This ad is about the man who was hang over and saw his fat wife as the jar and was trying to carry her so he was kicked by his fat wife.    It's funny at the end when the whiskey company advertised that it's not the whiskey fault; the man was kicked because he drank too much by himself.

This ad is about the kind woman.