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We will learn Thai language from Thai advertisements with English subtitle.                                                   

All the free streaming videos are from www.youtube.com

We will provide you with the brief explanation under each

There are three ads in this one.  The first one is about the workers who are waiting for the holidays.  The second one is about some men who helped other people to park their car and the third one is about the man who sacrificed the only one crab to his wife but actually there were two crabs so he was very happy that he could eat the crab too.

This ad is to encourage Thai people to be harmonized.

This ad is to advertise the slimming beverage.  The fat woman was misunderstood by another person that she was pregnant.

This ad is about the men who felt regret that they did not use the better ceiling material and made the lover lizards fell down and dead because of the low quality ceiling material was broken.

This ad about the man who felt regret that he did not do so many things that he should do before his final time of his life because of the car accident