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10 Feb 2011
The reason for posting these photos and explanations because Microsoft + Ex-prime minister General Chartchai's son in law, Mr. Korn (Gone) Tapparangsee have used their own people (+ some big politicians + big police + big military + other big people of other fields of business) to spread the wrong information about me + my family + my cousin + friends  and other people for more than ten years.   The ex-president and his wife (Clinton) + Mark Penn + Thai Prime minister Apisit are the evil groups' side by watching and listening to the conversations from the people in public everywhere for more than 10 years, and the main victims that these people attack is the another U.S. politician's grandchild (I guess he also has the car and mobile companies, that is one of the main reason the evil groups want to make him as the victim, I was introduced to know him one time only by my ex-boss but I did not look at his face because I was busy so I cannot recognize him. I know only that he is in the real-estate  business and is the grandchild of the U.S. politician);  the evil's group mentioned many names which I do not know who they are.
You can see from the media that some cases happened a couple of thousands years ago already.
The evil groups threaten or make the deals  to merge or associate the companies, organizations, etc., with the good groups long time ago and now, this method cannot help the evil groups much because the good groups are smarter, they can understand that it's only a few people of the evil groups who are or were in every field of business trying to make the other people misunderstand the whole company, organization or the country.   It's the individual groups.  It's not represent the whole countries, organizations or companies. 
I have to use the strong words to remind them that these are the international crime cases and not the local cases that some of the local people think they can lie anything when they have their own people in some high positions or ranks in all fields of business and government agencies.  If I do not use the strong words, the evil groups will not realize that they really born-to-be-idiots. 
Apart from being born-to-be-idiots, these evil groups and the assistant groups have no shame when they are caught that they are lied; MORAL HARZARD !!!!
I'm not the police or spy.  I can post because the evil groups use the media and people in the public in the wrong way themselves which provide me the chance to use the media and internet in the correct way as the good citizen should do, they cannot sue me because most of the things that I post are from the conversations of the people in the public and the pubic media.  It's not because I threaten them or use someone to threat them that the evil group have lied to others. 
I (as the good citizen) can do is to remind everyone that these international crime cases seem to be very serious and they can make anyone to be in the state of bankruptcy or ruin the family good images if he or she does not use the good judgments + good moral to judge and decide to believe these born-to-be idiot + low-class-in-culture groups.  The another thing that I can do is to forward this site to the official government sites around the world (for embassies and police bureaus' attention) .  The international police bureaus are affected if the local evil groups changed the details and make the fault evidence of the incomplete or complete international crime cases and they will surely will have to take the actions against the evil groups otherwise they will be in great trouble too.

The democracy politics overseas graduations do not help them much as they are idiots-by-births, maybe they do not realize, as they are born-to-be-idiots,  according to the international laws, they will be put in jail for secretly helping the evils groups do what they want to do since the good groups got the answers to most of the international crime cases now, in the past the good groups could not get the answers to some crime cases so they have to co-operate among the countries to find out the answers, and it's also idiots-by-births to say that my web is ruining Thai economics since all the good investors do not have the confidence in Mr. Apisit's government as they use the dirty methods  be in power.  The ability to see the situation like this does not required the overseas graduations.  Maybe they forgot that to be the good politicians is to serve the country and the citizens; it's not to provide the benefits to the evil groups to fulfill their bad deeds, and then all of them can become the dictators to the citizens, that's is not the democracy !!

move the computer mouse to the following picture to see the number or to click the photo to see the larger size photo and use left and right arrow to view the photos:-

Explanations of the photos:-

No. 1, 15, 17 18  19
Bangbod บังบด, Lablae ลับแล town  in Lampang province (northern Thailand ).
It's said there were some spirits staying there.
(I  guess it's from English words' Mineral laboratory + Bang Boat)

no. 88, 89, 90, 91
When I was a kid around 5-7 years (I'm 49 years old, was born in 1962) there was the place near  Soi Rongkaew lane in Bangkok province which the people nearby were afraid of because it was said that there were many spirits staying in that area (It's said that someone saw the male and female disappeared into the tree). That place looked like the photo no. 88, 89, 90, 91, There was a bridge + a canal + some trees + 5-10 empty wood houses for more than 10 years because the landlord was afraid of the ghosts and dared not come to take care her own property.  She was afraid that if she came to take care her land, the ghosts might be angry and followed her to stay with her at her house at another place so she left her land and empty houses unoccupied like that for more than 10 years.  I just realize that the condo (flat) room that I own for renting  at Tabtim (means ruby)Mansion, Chomthong Road area have  the canal + bridge + some trees + unoccupied old houses nearby also which are closed to Soi Rongkaew (means glass) Lane.
When I was small, my face looked like the female singer ( big eyes + long eyelashes + dimples were the outstanding things on my face) before my face was changed to look like a Chinese boy with very small eyes.

No. 2, 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Back to the future movies
Michael J Fox imitated me and my friends' gestures and clothes + accessories when we were the kids.  Soi Rongkaew Lane is the working class people but there were a couple of mafia groups who often came to that area to make the violence actions which I don't know why it must be that area.  My two female best friends were raised as the boys as her father did not like daughters or daughters' manners, so he trained his daughters with all kinds of tough and brave things that the man should be because there were violence scenes quite often there when I was the kid around 5-7, even the good police were afraid of the mafia.  They are very good people and not the mafia, and I am not the mafia.  they taught me some things that his father taught so we could play together at their house.  We put on that orange jacket (no. 3) when we practiced Thai boxing.

Photo no. 2, 3, 4:-
Someone put the lightning wire on the trees at the playground park at the back of the Royal Thai Navy Hospital and there were some bits and pieces of small coppers and irons all over the field which looked like there were some science testing in the playgroup field.  I think someone tried to make up some fault evidences to accuse something to the Royal Thai Navy hospital when I was the kid.  There were many children looked at the wire and the metals including me.  Maybe someone took the photo and made up the new story themselves.

You can see from the photos that it's mention the 'blue bird' .  In the past, Shirley Temple played the movie named 'blue bird', the movie is about the the silver boats and the reborn. I and my friends do not know anything about the blue bird.  From the movie (Back to the future) I think it's concerned with the science knowledge about momentum and someone could go back and forth to the future or the past with the vehicles, something like that, we really don't know about it.  Michael J. Fox got the Parkinson as same as Muhammad Ali (Thai people called him Mohammad, I think because of his name has the initial of the word 'momentum and Aristotle', someone using the Aristotle's knowledge in the wrong way.  I have the Parkinson problem as same as Michael J. Fox  but I exercise the ancient stretching and breathing (Hermit stretching + Yoka) every day so my physical is not shaking all the time and I can take care myself although the hands and legs are weak sometimes.

16, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36
La Piovra
I think it's concerned with the momentum, natural resources, space, cloning.  The man who was shot was me; I could guess from the actor's gestures and clothes' accessories; the movie implied that the scene was the area near my condo (flat) place named Tamtim (means ruby which has the red color) Mansion.  I guess/think the reason that the thief groups (the evil groups) who stole the jewelry and gemstones from the king and queen of Saudi Arabia palace because they want Saudi Arabia to trace their jewelry and gemstones and then the evil groups can accuse them and make them to be the victims with other cases concerning with the Red Sea (from the Bible and the movie 'the 10 commandments).  Every religion is good and respectable; it's just the hidden evil groups who try to make each country or religion misunderstand each others.

Numbers 36, 37
La Piovra
The actors have the faces look like me and my father.   My father is not the mafia he is the goldsmith and is the good person.   He's workaholic. He worked more than 12-14 hours each day.  He took me to eat at  Chinese restaurant on Sunday, someone took the photos and made up the new story by themselves.

Numbers, 38, 39 40 41 42 43 44 47 48 49 50 51 52 53
Shianghai bund + Shianghai grand + Schindler's list + The God father movies
Those were the violence scenes in the area of Soi Rongkaew lane.  There were a couple of groups of mafia often come to that area making the fighting to each others with guns, swards, woods at the place that I played with friends; my age was around 'the girl in red'.   Sometimes I had to run with another mafia group to escape the bullets or swards or wood but sometimes I could not escape in time I just hid myself in the fighting area and watch them fighting.   I am not the mafia and do not involve with them and I cannot fight.  I think someone took the photos when I run to escape the bullets or hide and made up the new stories by themselves.

54, 55, 57, 58
I can guess that the actor who was shot referring to me because the actor had the clothes and accessories as same as mine.

Numbers 45, 46, 60, 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83
The Exorcist mouvie + music videos
I can guess that the musicians are me because they imitate some of my gestures, clothes and dance in thier concerts, ( I played with friends when I was young and danced at the discotheque when I was + 20 years old)  but I don't know about robot moving and there were the light or ray was shot at me that are showed in the music videos.

It's not the spirits or the black magic.  At first I don't know but I can guess recently from the evil groups' people accusations , music videos + movies, that  is the science, concerning with the momentum or gravity or magmatic of the human beings and the world.  The world moves slowly and our physicals move slowly too but I guess someone can control the human body like the remote control and can control the momentum to stop or to move slower than usual or they can use artificial or real ray or  light or something else which are natural or  they can invent themselves with various colors to suit with the color of the nature and shoot wireless at anybody at any time to make the momentum of that persons stop moving or moving slower or to make that person has what kind of sickness they want to, such as the skin cracked with breeding, pull up the eyes and ears and mouth, pull up the heart shape or tearing the heart, lost the soul, cancer, Parkinson, human-doll, human-robot, human-zombie, blind, unable to walk, weak in emotion, etc. 

Photo 84
The actor, Pippi, was wearing the same clothes and hair style as mine but I do not have the extraordinary power like Pippi.   That picture was around 5-7 years old.  I was naughty by using the scissor to cut my own hear style so it's look funny like that.  My front teeth were moved up a bit since I was very young.

Photo 85
My another best friend has the face look like Teresa Brewer when she was around
8 - 14 years old but we did not know about that.  I just know recently when I saw Teresa Brewer's music video.

Photo 86, 87, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98
photo 86 looked like me at the age around 6-10 years old with big eyes + long eyelashes.  The bone structure of the face closed to photos 92, 95, 97, 98.
The eyes of the singer photo no. 110, 111, 112 were closed to mine.

photo 87 looked like me at the age around 11 years old up with small eyes.  The bone structure of the face closed to photos 93, 94, 96
The face was not changed immediately.  It's changed gradually each year. The eyes become narrower each year with the short eyelashes and there were no dimples + two front teeth were pull up a little bit, closed to photo no. 113.

I have never take drugs when I danced at the Discotheques or public-place- parties.  When I was at the age around 27 years old , I had the problem with the skin; skin itching+ cracking and breeding a little bit so I went to see the doctor at the skin clinic named 'Dr. Banleng Skin Clinic' next to the Royal Thai navy hospital; it's the clinic that I've been visiting since I was a kid because it was near my house.  After seeing my skin the doctor told me that it's because the hormone was too active which cause the itching, so he suggested me to tried the medicine called (doctor said) 'juvenile hormone' or 'forever young hormone' every month.  The doctor explained that this medicine had no harm and side effect; it's like the vitamin; the people who had no skin problem could take them regularly also, to make them look younger.  The pills would make the hormone less active and I would have no problem with the itching.  I told the doctor that I'd never heard of this name, he said that his regular pharmacists who sold them to him and various hospitals called it like that, however, my skin was not better so I tried to use the whiskey + hot water + cold water from the book in the book shops to cure instead which make my skin better but I do not know whether it has any side effect or not so i do not suggest anyone to use it. I lost the memory from time to time so I did not tell the doctor about this method of curing. I can lost some parts of the memory again and again at any time or any day which I really do not know what is the cause of it.

Photos 99, 100, 101, 102
The singer's face, clothes, accessories and hair style were closed to mine when I was the kid; I guess when Saudi Arabia traced their lost gemstones and jewelry, they found this case by coincidence; the case that I was shot by some kinds of rays, I guess it is the Ionizing Radiation.   If you watch the music video, you will see there are 'blocks' in the rays.  I do not know what it means, and if you listen carefully to the plot of the movie 'Captain January' Shirley Temple, I guess it implies some answers which I do not understand.  I do not know about science.
I guess the music videos of New kids on the block band 'Hangin tough' and U2 band 'Stuck in the moment' and Radiohead band 'No surprises' imply some answers also.

Photos.  103, 104, 105, 106, 107
The movie 'Head' the monkees, and the movie 'The Poseidon adventure'
From these two movies, I can guess that the evil groups want to kill me because of the case 'the man-made natural disaster at the sea'.  I guess the movie imply the man-made natural disaster concerned with the bridge, sound, microphone, some kinds of rays, water, etc., I do not understand as I have very little knowledge about science.
(The monkees band tv series: the actors imitated my gestures + clothes + accessories from very young kid to grown-up woman.)

Photos: 108, 109
The singer imitated my gestures and clothes in photos  no. 109.
From the photo no. 108, I guess they refer to me; you can see the light or ray colors and the positions of the body that I was shot. I refer to this music video of this band only; the other music videos of this band were not my gestures.  I guess the band was threatened to ruin their own reputation or popularity as same as many bands or singers or sport players are threatened by the evil groups since the past till the present time;  some music or sport videos imply that. 

Photos 114, 118
Maisa, the very cute girl from Brazil tv program, her teeth changed in a couple of weeks, from beautiful teeth to the saw shape of teeth .  Maisa's hairstyle, clothes and gestures + dance styles (the pleasant looking ones) are closed to mine from around 5 years old to 20 + years old of my age).  I did not understand the Brazilian language but I could guess that the girl was threatened to be cut her tongue if she appeared on that tv program again.  The program was about to answer the questions from the home audience.  I guess the tv program implies some answers to the mysterious questions.

Photos 115, 116
The music video is in the year 1960+.  I have begun to watch many music videos from www.youtube.com in the year of 2010 because I built the music site 'http://goodoldmusic.weebly.com'.   Peter Torg imitated my clothes + gestures; the senior student at the convent taught me to play the piano at the convent's hall then she said to me that my hairstyle (Peter Torg) was out-of-fashion (in the year of 1980), she told me to have my hair curled, so I had my hair curled and the outcome was like Micky's hairstyle.   I learned only 'do re me....' for piano and very little knowledge of guitar lessons and I could not listen and count the rhythm steps when I learned to dance at the classical dancing class (basic) at YMCA.  My brain cannot do two activities at the same time.  My dancing partner (female who learned to dance as a male because she wanted to become the dancing teacher; she was already skilful dancing the female style) had to help and give the signals to me all the time when I danced in the class with her.  I can dance only the free style without counting the  rhythm steps.   I dance because I like dancing and exercise and I often created the new styles of dancing on the dance floor without preparing in advance because I feel bored to dance the same old steps again and again.   I can remember my dance styles only when I see them from the videos from computer or tv, otherwise I cannot remember them by myself.

Photo 117
Lucy Ball's character and clothes (+ my hairstyle in the year 1980+ and some dance styles in 1980+) in that tv series are closed to mine but that tv series is in the year of 1950+.  I just watched them recently. 

Photo 119
Sha na na tv series in 1970+.  I just watched them recently.   Some of my dance (1980+) + gestures with friends (1970+).

Photos 120 - 125
From watching the singers' clothes , gestures and dances and the videos; human-zombie or human-robot or human-doll, concerning with the military too.
(Sometime the photos of the band 'Marmalade' with the song name 'Reflections of my life' and the band 'Nazareth' with the song 'Love hurts' that I posted; do not show on the computer screen.  I do not know who do that.  You can see the photos from the page 6 of other photos reference page.) 

Photos 125 - 130
From the band name and music lyric, it implies that it's concern with the Mars planet.  The word 'Top tuan' in Thai language means 'reflection'.  The singers' faces look like me and my brothers when we were young.  Singer's clothes accessories  and the music instruments that they used were closed to mine.
(Sometime the photos of the band 'Marmalade' with the song name 'Reflections of my life' and the band 'Nazareth' with the song 'Love hurts' that I posted; do not show on the computer screen.  I do not know who do that.  You can see the photos from page 6 of other photos reference page)

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