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I have sent  this website link to the official Government sites and the newspaper sites, police departments, hospitals, embassies worldwide as most of the crime cases affect the whole world. 

The matters seem to be concerned with the deaths and sickness of  many famous people around the world such as John F. Kennedy, Jim Thomson, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Hide of X-japan band, Teresa Tang, the second world war, and many more.......
This is not concerned with the politics, even there is or there is no change in Thai government as there are still the internal threatening.

Bew's family (addresses 120/105, 120/106, 120/109 Soi Chomthong 8, Chomthong Road, Bangkok, Thailand 10150,  one of his ex-boss is the ex-politician Korn (gone) Tapparangsee (Tapparangsee means The military's ray).
Hui at the address 120/108 Chomthonng Road who  was the secret minor wife of Korn (Gone) Tapparangsee who is the son-in-law of Thai ex-prime Minister General Chartchai,  her father is the gems broker, is the different person with another Hui (one of my best friends when I was young) at  Rongkaew Lane whose father  was  the journalist of Chinese  newsapper (sports section), Hui and her father at Soi Rongkaew lane are good people. )

Gen. Chartchai's wife, the First Lady Boonruean Choonhawan was the one who received the biggest diamond + other gems and jewelry from the ex-police commander in chief's wife; the biggest diamond + gems and jewelry belongs to the the Queen and King of Saudi Arabia; the crime case was closed without returning the biggest diamond and some gems and jewelry to Saudi Arabia nor arresting the real thieves and there were the government instructions instructed that this case is untouchable (no one can touch this case).  All the non-democracy Governments instructions were done by the present Thai Prime minister's party, Prime minister Apisit Wetchacheewa, this crime case dated back +/- 20 years ago and the non-democracy instructions by the present Thai Prime Minister party's dated back +/- 10 years ago; you can read more details from the following Thai language letter to the embassies).  Bew's family keep on shouting, for years, to accuse me and my family so I submitted the letter to most of the foreign embassies in Thailand to  take care of the matters. (maybe Bew's family already changed the groups by his ex-boss threatening others)  I really don't know and don't understand  and cannot look for the information;  most the matters are seem to be very complicated and dangerous to the whole world;  I have to guess from the people-on-the-road's conversations.    There are no real democracy in Thailand.  
This is not concerned with the politics (it looks like there are many hidden serious internal threatening). 

General Prem and General Surayut are very good and honest people and do not involve with the coups.

6April 2010
Please be informed that we are not involved with any country's politics.  Although I am the remote cousin of police Lt. Gen. Tanu Homhaul (who was in charge of the gems & jewelry crime cases (gems & jewelry belong to Saudi Arabia) and other  international crime cases, we've never met nor talked to each others and he is the good policeman. 

My Thai name is: (English) Miss Kessara Suppakitvorakul
                           (Thai)      น. ส. เกษรา ศุภกิจวรกุล
My Chinese name is :  Sokkeng Sae Joo (ซกเข่ง แซ่จู) Joo or Ju means gemstones.
In China (in the past) one district had one surname; the citizens in the same district would have the same surname which created the problem of the duplicating names and surnames.   Some Thai/Chinese often face with this problem when they apply for the passports or visas.   I had used Chinese name and surname on the previous house registration  till age around 12  years old and then changed to Thai name and surname.  
From the movies, it implies that the police department create the fault evidence and story about me in the police computer data.   I can notice from the actors imitating my gestures and clothes and from the direct accusations in the public conversations in Thailand for more than 10 years.  
The reason that I have not renewed my I.D. card, is not that I'm afraid of the evil groups.
I have the remote cousin who was the police for international cases, therefore, I have the right to send this website link to all the government official websites, the international police departments worldwide as the international police worldwide will be affected tremendously since most of the international cases are very serious cases and they will surely have to take some actions.
These evil groups  or the evil group's people can make you in the state of bankruptcy if you are not use your good judgement and good moral.  They do not care if they lie you and make you in trouble as they are low class in culture and bad people
The another reason that I have not go to renew my I.D. card because I cannot stand the vehicle engines sound; there are some people driving the vehicles  following me every where I go, which can make me become disable, body shaking (parkinson) or fainted.
Please be informed that I will definitely not let the evil groups be success in accusing me and my family even they make me become very poor, ugly, disable, blind or die.   I have no fear.

I graduated from Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus secretarial school (CHIJ) in Bangkok (Catholic school), I think the school has been ordered to change the abbreviation name and the system of education some time ago, the school was moved from Penang, Malaysia.

My Thai nickname is:  เกด Ged ('Ged' and 'Gate' both have the same pronunciation in Thai language).  By coincidence, The CAT (Communication Authority of Thailand) staff and me were the first people in Gems and Jewelry business in Thailand who tested various int'l servers and tried to online with overseas companies similar to the present internet system, and there was the separate U.S. programmer (Charles) who wrote the program for invoice, inventory and account control easy menus  (close to some of Windows OS now) for ordinary users level to use, by using Dbase and FoxPro programs, the OS was DOS system as there was no Windows at that time (about 25 years ago) and they used WordStar program for typing letters as there was no Microsoft Word at that time (in brief, I and another American programmer (Charles) are the original in the international on-line business, international internet, and computer easy menus for user levels (Charles using DOS, FoxPro and Dbase programs).  Microsoft used my ideas of working at the office to do their beginning business (by using their programs + DOS) but never give me any credit , instead Microsoft and their Thai association companies have tried to ruin me at my back  and in front  for many years).  I mentioned this because I suspect that some bad people have prepared me to be the victim of something (international matter) which I really don't know the details.  I guess they and some other people were originally caught that they had done something against the laws in the past and are pretending now that they are helping the public to find out the truth.
They are the ones who give the codes to ruin someone by making that person or people to be the victims; you can notice from their software names. 
From the music lyrics, some people can see the future events through the 'windows', windows of what, I do not know; something like time machine, in the music lyrics also mentioned that there are good time machines and bad time machines. 
From my memory some times ago, it's well-known that Bill Gate is Mr. and Mrs. Clinton's man.  Mrs. Hillary supported him in his career as he is genius in computer in higher levels but he did not know how to make it easy for the user level to use. 
Bew's family who used some wordings and actions as same as Microsoft association company, AIT (Artificial Intelligent Technologies Co., Ltd), who was trying to make me die in the past also keep on accusing another U.S. politician who is the grand father  of the U.S. man who is in the real estate business.  It's very dirty methods of Mrs. Clinton and Mark Penn and Bill Gate in their politician lives.  They use some definite words to refer to them but everyone knows who Bew's family refers to as it is widely spread accusations in Thailand.  Very dirty methods of U.S. politics in the style of Mark Penn and Mrs. Clinton.  I guessed the evils groups threaten to merge or to join all the groups together with them some time ago and recently, including my cousins ; I guess from Bew's family wordings and actions, and let my cousins to be the victims.    It's useless to talk about the Thai prime minister Mr. Apisit who is completely obeyed the evil groups, as he will not do anything (the lying excuses that he uses do not work as he is the same groups with groups who threaten others), he is really useless prime-minister unlike the brave Ex-prime minister Samak who prepared to arrest the evil groups but had to leave the the prime minister position by the dirty method of the evil groups.  I guess the reason that some Thai military, police and politicians and AIT co. support Bew's family (only the power or maybe the money too, I do not know, because they are Thai Chinese people as they seem to make China to be the victim.  From T.V., it seems Chinese opera band used be accused by these cases.   When I was young I had a closed friend whose mother is the Chinese opera and Father is the sport journalist Chinese newspaper, they are good people and I played at her house every day.  Tanu Homhaun's cousins were also Chinese operas.  From searching the information in the interest I found that Tanu Homhaun's daughter is the secretary of the Thai embassy in Burma or Myanmar.   It's obvious to see that they want the Homhaun family to be the victims of the Aristotle's knowledge being used in the wrong way cases at the Mandalay, or the road to Mandalay.  (Someone seem to try to change the metal to be gold in the short period by using some kinds of lights or rays. from the Thai music, it seems to imply that my father + mother and every member of my family were shot by this kind of light or rays from Mandalay (the boat or ship???) (moon light, the planet Mar, or lightning???) but now the evil groups are trying very hard to make me, my family and cousins to be victims.  We are the people who are damaged or ruined but now they are trying to change the cases to make us to be the bad people by creating all kinds of fault evidences and save their evil groups or their evil groups' people that is why I send this link to the police departments and the government sits worldwide to let them know that the evil groups have been trying to change the details of the cases to save their evil groups.  After watching many music videos and movies in the internet I can guess that most of the  countries seem to have problems with this kind of cases and they had my records too but using the different name in each country because it's the secret, if you have any problem, report to your own country's police bureau for the assistance as the hidden or open evil groups are really dangerous with all kinds of hi-tech; vincible or invincible.  If you have a lot of investments in Thailand, you have to watch the evil groups carefully; there are the possibilities that they will seize the whole country and close the country as the evil groups have been trying to make each group misunderstand each other for some time.  ( I do not know what are the real reasons Myanmar close their country and I do not want to know as it's not my business).

I just know recently (form guessing the music videos) that I am secretly banned for a long time already in music and internet business and other business without letting me know.  I do not know who did that and for what reasons and what fault evidence that they use to ban me.  It's very dirty method.  It's must be the evil groups did that secretly without letting me know.  It's the time to find out the truth who did that since it will affect your music career and popularity too.  I can understand that some good music business want to help me to recall my memory and try to let me know what are the matters that I have been accused at my back by the dirty methods of the evil groups and they also want to help the world to find out the truth of the mysterious matters.  I really appreciate some of the good singers or dancers who present some of my dance styles very beautifully and very professional styles and are very happy to see them on the music videos and concerts.
The name of the windows OS seems to be the evil group's coding instruction to ruin or damage who, where, or which matter, the latest one, Windows 7, in my opinion, the instruction is to ruin the convenient stores named Seven Eleven or James Bond 007.   From the information that I have heard in public; the evil groups use their own people to accuse me in public for more than 10 years, I think Ar. Apisit's government is the illegal government and the evil groups accuse Ex-prime minister Taksin about the satellite and make him and his wife and me who are the Northern Thailand people to be the victims of something.  
The wife of the ex-spokesman's of Mr. Apisit's government  is the ex-girlfriend or maybe ex-secret minor wife of the Mr. Sonti, the owner of the Manager newspaper , who was one of the leaders of the mob who provide the coup to take actions to seize the power from Ex-prime minister Taksin's government many years ago and lately let Mr. Apisit to be in power because he is completely obeyed the evil groups. 
He is on both sides (good and evil groups, meaning he listens the good groups and completely obeys the evil groups) which is dangerous to the good groups.
Before Ex-prime Minister Taksin lost his prime minister position, Microsoft associated company, AIT Co. Ltd .  (Artificial Intelligence Technologies co. ltd) at warner  building which was my  internet cafe competitor; I established the shop first, AIT came to establish the company later when they saw I had a lot of customers; whenever I was likely to be success in anything, the evil groups will do something, secretly or openly, ruin my success.  (the owner of AIT is the closed friend of Thai Central Department store's daughter) displayed the pearls in the glass container (or near glass showroom) in front of their entrance door (I guessed that was the evils' group sending codes), was the one who came to annoy and disturb me in front of my shop, at first I didn't understand, later I heard the customers talked to each others indirect that Don Cogen , at that time he was the webmaster for Thai Gems Center Co.,Ltd., Chantaburi province, Thailand, had opened the computer chat room for anyone to accuse me to be the prostitute. 
The fast success in my tiny internet cafe shop was to friendly assist the new computer users to solve all kinds of computer problems so I treated all customers as friends.  I guess the evil groups had suggested some prostitutes to be my shop's customers, (I guess from the accusations in public and the evil groups' people did mention the customers names in their conversations).  When you do the retail business, do you have to ask every customer what is their professional?  It is really idiot of  The Microsoft association company,  AIT, and Bew's family and Mr. Don Cogen to accuse me by using that reason or the reason that my brother, whose brain is like Thai ancient aborigine/Forrest boy (something wrong with his brain since he was young) when his friends were bullied by the evil groups and could not do the fishing careers at their hometown and had to leave their hometown and bringing and leaving him  at the  whore house at the Southern Thailand.  (I know from the public's conversion accusing me).  I do not do anything because from Thai movies, they imply that General Chartchai, the ex-Thai prime minister has prepared in advance some fault evidence to accuse him and his friends very serious crime cases about the river and river water at that province, but I do not know the details, however I am not afraid as I have sent this site link to all the international police department worldwide.  From Thai media, one of the reason that ex-prime minister Taksin is heavily accused by the evil groups is because the neighbor country had asked his help to investigate the missing of their famous family's cousin.   They suspected that she was made as the human-doll, and there is real 'the house of the dolls' in Thailand.  (Maisa's t.v. program + Jacky Chan's ad and other worldwide t.v. programs or series and the following Waterloo music video of Abba band (singers' clothes = mine at the age +/- 11-13, my family members' names and nicknames have the meanings of water, flower, gold, glass or crystal, etc.') also imply something about these cases)  It's really the good chance for every country to find out the truth whether there is real 'the human-dolls' or 'the house of the dolls' or 'the room of the dolls' or what are the evil groups' plans to do with the water, rivers or seas around the world by reporting to your own country's police department worldwide as the matters affect the whole world.   It's require the co-operation of the whole world to  get rid of the evil groups and to make this world the happy place to live.

I am virgin.   I am not lesbian or gay.  I am woman.  The whole world media have been watching me since I was born so this is the good chance for every country to co-operate to find out the truth and punish the real hidden or open evil groups.  All the crime cases seem to be connected to each other.

My brother who is at the Southern Thailand is low-education and low-tech because when he learns something, he will have a head-ache, so he refuses to learn anything since he was young.  He is harmless; he is just like the forest/ancient Thai aborigine child, something wrong with his brain since he was young.

Microsoft association company, AIT ' s pearl in the glass container in front of the door; the pearl in the glass container = (Aristotle (Ancient philosophy) knowledge being used in the wrong way case?, from sky to sea ? (the evil groups use the Aristotle knowledge in the wrong way?).    Which I guess/saw from the dramas that some good Thai police had co-operated with some good overseas police investigated this case in the past when I was a child and at the end of the movie, it showed that the evil group used the mafia to shoot me because of the Aristotle knowledge being used in the wrong way case.  I can guess because some of the actors imitated my gestures and my clothes/accessories).  In brief, I guess Microsoft and Don Cogen, AIT, and Bew's family wanted to provoke the old cases to change the details of cases to safe their evil groups and accuse me, my family, cousins (good police) and friends + Ex-prime minister Taksin (who was the police before becoming the politician) to be the victims instead, and maybe the evil groups have the hidden secret weapons in the sky too!!  Sky -> sea ?)
I guess one of the internal secret threatening is concerned with the natural copper field in Nongkai Province, North of Thailand, as the Catholic (CHIJ changed to CHJ) Convent college school has the associated school there recently.  The initial surname of the ex-spokesman of the the present government is the same with the name of the Lane of the convent which had french nun principal when I studied there.  In brief, they have prepared me, the convent principal (Native French nun) and some teachers (Burma, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Thai, etc.(there are various nationality teachers there) and some ex-students there to be the victims. 
(Sky - > land (natural resources?)).  I also has a good friend from that convent who is the life-time nun at New York city Catholic church who has the hometown  at Chonburi province.  (the evil groups want to change the detail of JFK case?)

I was unable to dance at age around 30 and then  forgot the unique freestyle dance ability);   the heart problem + difficulty in breathing  starting age around 35, 36 to present, now the health is much better because of the ancient stretching + breathing (ancient Thai hermit knowledge). The another serious health problem at present is the heart failed gradually when I sleep which can cause the death while sleeping (I think the heart being failed is concerned with the postures of the human beings too; when I walk there is not much heart problem; sometimes I have the difficulty in breathing when I sit).
The ex-prime minister, Mr. Samak, had the cancer after he was judged to lose his prime minister position.  He was judged by Thai court to leave the prime minister position because he had the cooking tv program half hour once a week!!!  Very ugly action of someone to seize the power from the previous governments  by this reason.

From my experience in the gems and jewelry business for nearly 10 years, It's impossible that Don Cogen and his company are appointed to be the gems & jewelry inspectors of 'the very high family' as per the gemstone brokers widely spread; they also mentioned that they  got a lot of commissions from selling gemstones to them.  The people or the companies who can be the inspectors of 'the very high family' must have the completely clean records and are good people.  I guess the people who brought them in the 'very high family' area is  Thai Central departmenstore's daughter-in-law and her niece who join with the coups after her sister was removed from the very high prospect position; to co-operate with the coups to try to ruin the 'the very high family'  because Don Cogen's record is not clean.  

When I went shopping at Big C department store with the list note of the things that I want to buy, while I selecting the goods, Big C' staff were rude and scold me something and some other people  said that I was Carrefour Departmentstore . ( I do not know anyone at Carrefour) and then Big C French manager came to scold me that I am mad person. as same as AIT Co. and Bew's family said.  The other customers at Big C departmentstoe said that Central departmentstore's daughter-in-law and her niece and the coups were the people who tried to make each departmentstore misunderstood each others by lying somethings to Big C.
When I went to see the doctor (female) at the well-known hospital for the first time because of difficulty in breathing.  The doctor was not nice to me and said that she would not give me any medicine.   It's not concern with the hospital as other staff are nice to the patients except this female doctor who should not be the doctor professor to teach new graduate doctors since she analyze the patience without any doctor knowledge at all, because when I want to see another male doctor at the clinic and told him that I had difficulty in breathing.  He told to me to have heart checked; that's the correct analyze as I really have the problem with the heart and was dying.   It's obvious to be seen that rude female doctor must be lied by someone.    While I was the patience with the male doctor I became mad (I was unconscious)in public places (my mother told the doctor that I ran out of the house without any reason and someone had to follow me and give me some medicines to sleep because I was walking or running with the unconsciousness.  It's obvious to be seen that the evil groups want to make the male doctor to be the victim because he had gave me the correct analyzing.

I used to learn a little bit of martial art only, I'm not the fighter and my closed two Thai female friends learned them from their father and their father learned the martial art for self-protection from the television.  My friends were brought up like the boys because their Chinese father did not have any son when they are young and he did not like daughters and daughter's  manners.  They are good people and the other two Thai male closed friends are also good people.   I have forgotten them and other child's closed friends and have not contacted them for more than 30 years.  I mentioned this because I was accused to be the bad mafia or killer (HUMAN-ZOMBIE or HUMAN-ROBOT crime cases), something like that.  If you are misled by anyone, you better contact your own country's police organization to take care the case for you as there is no real democracy in Thailand at present.   They seem to be the international pending cases in various countries dated back for many many yeas and the good group just have the answers recently).  They seem to be  very dangerous and very complicated cases to the whole world.

From the conversations I heard from public and watching some media, I think the evil groups have prepared me, my family or my cousins to buy or rent the residents where the old owners had the problem at the court before, something like that,  and the evil groups lie to other that it was my and my family crime case but in fact it was the previous owner or someone else, etc.; get the help from your own country's police department or Ministry of Interior.   It's useless to get the help from Mr. Apisit, as he seems to be on both sides, the evil groups and the good groups.  He seems to value everything on his own benefit and safety first, and does not base on the benefit and safety of the public first that  the normal good prime minister should do and he seems to think that 'LYING' is not the serious thing; it's the common thing that everybody does, unlike the ex-prime minister Samak who is the straightforward man who dared to fight with the evil groups, although, he was often moody at the journalists.   He and Michael Jackson may not be dead but may be threatened not to show themselves.

Some years ago I heard the conversations at the fresh market; the evil groups told that others that if any house dare to against them, that house will not be supplied with the water and electricity.  Is this against the law?, to be in power and use the power in the wrong way by threatening the others to obey their bad deed.  There are good and bad people everywhere, some people offer themselves to help the evil groups in order to get all kinds of advantages.

My Chinese nickname is : หมวย Mauy

I've never been abroad.

I used to live at Soi Rongkaew (ซอยโรงแก้ว) means glass or crystal building, Taksin Road, opposite Soi Watsanti (meaning peaceful temple or temple of peace) near the playground park of the Royal Thai Navy hospital, and Soi Wajjana and some public apartments and presently staying at Soi Chomthong8. in Bangkok.
I was the jewelry smith when I was young.  My father, mother, brothers were the jewelry smith and goldsmith. Family's own, very small business. 

I used to work with the armament company owned by Belgian Government.    Everything is strictly correct legal and clean business.  If you are mislead by anyone and  are in trouble, you can report to the Royal Thai Belgian embassy.  In general, when any armament companies make a sale to any country, it must be done through the embassy of that country with the legal contract stating clearly that the country must use them to protect their country according to the correct international laws and int'l treaties.  If they mis-use them against the correct int'l laws and treaties.  They will be sued by the armament company or any available international or treaties organization with the seriously punishment or to be boycotted.

Some Thai people have the different attitude towards the armament companies.  In the foreign countries, they regard the armament companies are good companies as they are the companies to help the individual country to protect their own country by themselves, but  some Thai people have the attitude that the people who work in the armament companies are bad people and will try to create war to make more money on products sales.   I studied in the international school and associated with some foreigners so I have the different attitude with some local Thai people.  The company that I worked with is the good company and their staff are good, nice and polite people.

If you believe the coup's groups, you have to be aware of the trade and other boycott in the future when the crime cases are finally judged.  Do not forget that Thailand is not the under developing country like in the past and can stand alone without any international trade (that will brings the heavy poverty to all the citizen).  Thailand have to follow all the international laws and treaties in order to be able associate or to trade with other countries. 

I have a small flat room for renting named Tubtim mansion ทับทิมแมนชั่น , (Tubtim' means ruby,   Thailand and Burma ('Burma' has the same first pronunciation word with the word 'Bermuda triangle') were the best sources for the most beautiful and valuable ruby, and South Africa is the best  source for beautiful diamond, to become the best source country of any kind of gemstone is the nature gift; depending on various surroundings such as the natural weather, the location of the country, other natural resources,etc).  My flat room address is 104/141 Moo 1, Chomthong Road Chomtong District, Bangkok, Thailand.  The flat room is taking care by Tubtim Mansion Co., Ltd. and their tenant renting contract forms for more than 10 years already, each month they would transfer  some of the renting money to my bank account (they deducted some of the security guard, building maid, etc.  charges each month).  I have never lived at my flat room.  They registered them as the Condo.  From the recent 'the crossing over' movie wiki, I guess someone may rent this room from  Tubtim mansion building office center and used the room address to ask for the green card, visa or passport to enter some countries and to do some bad things and I guess some bad Thai police helped  the evil groups by providing the  wrong information about the room, or the information of  someone else from another flat/condo that has the duplicating named 'Tabtim Mansion'.
  I have never lived there since I bought it, it's for renting only, but my I.D. card address is registered with that room address, I think there may be some other cases that some bad Thai police helped the evil groups to do some bad things overseas .   Some people at the fresh market (some years ago) accuse me about Saudi arabia's gemstones and jewlery at Tabtim room which make me guess that there must be something wrong with Tabtim mansion's room.  You can see from Thai language letter that I submitted to the embassies in Thailand that my remote cousin was the police for international cases, and from the media (newspaper some years ago) regarding the Saudi Arabia's gemstones and jewelry cases, one of the thieves was the Thai Police, Commander in Chief (who changed some genuine gemstone and jewelry to the fake ones  when returning them to Saudi Arabia, and his wife gave some (the geunine ones including the most important one, the biggest diamond) to the first lady Khunying Boonruean Choonhawan, the wife  of Thai prime minister, General Chartchai Choonhawan (both of them do not return the geuine gemstones to Saudi arabia) who is the father-in-law of Mr. Korn or Gone Tapparangsee. (I cannot remember his name exactly from the media I read so I type the initial letters , His first name is Police General 'Sa............. ') I think his cousins were the previous Thai FBI also.  From Thai letter to the embassy, you will see that there are others condo registered the duplicate name 'Tabtim mansion' and by searching in the internet, there are others condo and flat which have the duplicating names with' Tabtim mansion', and the center office at Tabtim mansion is trying to escape my contacting them via telephones and mails, therefore, I have to decide to leave the room like that and still have not go to see my room there until everything is clear as I suspect there may be some hidden crime cases in Thailand and overseas using the word 'Tabtim mansion'.

I am a woman; I was born at Prae province, Northern Thailand.  My birth certificate was registered as a boy by error by the government agency officer and they had already corrected it for me to the girl on the original birth certificate when I entered the school at 8 years old (late education because my legs and health were not strong when I was young).

Every religion is good.  It's just the hidden evil groups of some bad people (the anti-religions and anti-dynasties groups) who try  to make each religion misunderstand each other and lead to THE WORLD RELIGION WAR OR THE THIRD WORLD WAR.    It's the science; it's not the black magic or the spirits.  IT'S VERY DANGEROUS, it's impossible for you to handle or fight with these evil groups alone as it's invincible and very advanced science knowledge but the knowledge is being used in the wrong way,  You'd better ask the help from your own country police's department or ministry of interior as there is no real democracy in Thailand. 

When the evil groups  want to make someone die, mad or commit suicide by himself or herself, they will prepare or create  the illusion situation or story to be blamed so no one suspected them.  It 's the science, it's not the black magic or spirits (How they do? I really don't know) but the evil groups seem to be able to direct or control any human being, make a person forget everything (blank brain) and put the new information from the surroundings or from media, and can make any body to be the human-zombie or human-robot at at anytime, and that person will be in the state of unconscious and sometimes in the state of sleeping and dreaming or to damage the brain or heart system.  From my real experience, very young kid (+40 years ago) to adult, I think they can control the heart or brain wave of any human being at any time and that person will be like human-robot or human-zombie, or become very sick, or become blind, etc. 

          Link for more explanation and photos

Human-zombie or human-doll, from the music videos and movies, it seems to concern with the human's momentum and the world's momentum (turn around), the gravity, that was why I spit to Bew's family's house and cars and laughed very loud at the evil groups at the public places;  they use really dirty methods and have no honor to be the called the human beings at all.

I also suspect that the evil groups have the equipments that can make the electricity supplied equipments exposed anywhere/anytime,  indoor or outdoor.  I myself experienced with the several light bulbs and computer monitors at the working places.

Another example of possible human-robots, is the popular expert Thai-Chinese cupping curing doctor, located next to the 'Silver-Bamboo Temple, Chan Road, Bangkok', who seems to be the only one doctor in Thailand who can cure some disable people to be able to walk which the normal hi-tech hospital cannot cure, I was the patient too; the story was told to me by another patient, that his two big and tall elder brothers doctors suddenly walked straight to him, like the spirits or machine, carrying two baseball woods and hit that famous youngest brother doctor in front of the 40-50 patients, the transparent room was locked so nobody can help him in time, everybody thought the that famous youngest doctor was dead; luckily the hi-tech hospital could safe his life in time.

Click the following link to see reference photos:-
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The following videos; Vitas imitated my another brother who was bullied by the hidden evil groups.  When he hurt himself he was unconscious but extremely painful when he became conscious.   He suffered a lot for many years before he committed suicide.  I did try to help him by asking his friend whether there was anything happened to him at the military unit when he had to become the solider for two years, at 20 years old of age; he changed to be a different person when he came back home.  After that, I forgot everything (brain washed by the hidden evil groups, I think). 
Marmalade band's singer's face looked like my brother when he was fat and Blonde band, Frank Infante's face looked like my brother when he was thinner (Vitas video).  Bay City rollers band's musician's face and Vanity Fare band's singer's face also looked like my brother.

Nazareth band's singer's face looked like my another brother.
The another video, Palmy, Thai singer, imitated my clothes, accessories, hairstyle, however, I do not have the military boots, I think they want to imply that human-doll, human-robot, or human-zombie are concerned with some military. Palmy's face looked like me when I was young. 

Please do not embed or copy the streaming videos.

The song referred to me (the singers imitated my clothes, gestures, etc) I guess they are the natural or man-made rays or lights.  Please notice the colors and the positions of the body that are shot:- Stem cells, heart, brain, spirals,etc.


The Ex-Vice President Al Gore is the hero of the American country who fired Mark Penn, as you can see from the music lyrics mentioned that many good American people are suffered with these problems also (someone using invincible advance science as the black magic or spirits and various diseases).

From the conversation in public and the media,  the coups in Thailand are seem to be done by some Thai military + some Thai politicians + some Thai police + some other Thai professionals with the help from Mark Penn and Hillary Clinton.  The coup seems to be done by secretly internal threatening.

The following streaming videos: they imitated my clothes, hair styles and the accessories.   The first one, Chinese song, the face looked like me at the age around 20+ years old, and the second one, the face of the singer looked like me when I was young.  I guess they referred to the memory being lost (brain washed); I think they imply that it is concerned with the  light or ray and the reflection also.
Please do not copy or embed the streaming videos.               

The following music video was the one which help me to remember the childhood. (Connie Talbolt's hair styles, clothes, accessories and gestures = mine).  Connie' characters in this video looked like my characters at the age of +/- 6-8 years  when I lived at Soi rongkaew Lane, Taksin Road. which was next to the lane that was said to have the spirits disappeared into the trees (Lampang Province, Northern Thailand, next to Chiang mai province, the second video).   Connie mentioned no. 3 in this video, Elvis music video also mentioned no. 3.  Please notice the kind of flower on Connie's hat.  I guess they want to imply that  the flowers , the colors, and the hat shapes are  the indications of what kind of the invincible hats or rings around the heads to control each human being. 

thing = magic or black magic (another meaning in Thai language)
spell = hypnotize (another meaning in Thai language)
Please do not copy or embed the following streaming video.

The following videos, Nicky imitated my clothes and gestures when I was young.   I was looked like a boy because my female closed friend's father raised my friend up as a boy and trained her everything that the man should be in order to take care his trade in the future.   The car was looked like my brother's car.  It was the second hand car.  He bought it when I was young, but I cannot drive the car.  Please notice the post or pole on the first music video; there were some ray or light.    The equator = zero, center, heart, core + formula (meanings in Thai language)
I guess both music videos want to imply that it concerned with the world pole, the equator, world core, rays or lights, reflection, Bermuda triangle's rays or lights, the Venus planet, head cancer, foolishness, sea or river disasters.
Please do not copy or embed the streaming music videos.

Giulia looked like me at the age of +/- 6-8 years old. Rainbow = latitude line (the another meaning in Thai language).  Longitude = 'wang' (Thai word)= hope (another meaning in English language).  From the Robbie William music video and Donald Duck + Shirley Temple cartoon.  The sun will shine or not not shine, the re-born, the human-zombie and the another world or dimension seem to concern with the latitude+ longitude + the road to Mandalay (Chiangmai province Thailand + Burma or Myanma).  Shirley temple's movies seem to have some answers to the mystery questions such as the movies:- Blue bird, Annie Rooney, Captain January, etc.

Raquel Rocky Kuner looked like me at the age of +/-  9-12 years old.  I guess the word 'flat' means to make the world flat
Kenny of The Wynners band looked like me at the age of +/- 14-16 years old.  The end of the music video is about the EARTHQUAKE.
I guess l.o.v.e. mean, l for latitude and longitude, o for ozone and oxygen , v for Venus planet, e for earth.
Please do not copy or embed the following streaming videos.  

The following letter was the letter that I submitted to most of the foreign embassies in Thailand on Feb 2510.



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