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How to read Thai characters:-

Reading level 1:-

Lesson 1     Lesson2     Lesson3        Lesson4          Lesson5            Lesson 6         Lesson7           Lesson8
Lesson9       Lesson10    Lesson 11     Lesson12        Lesson13         Lesson 14        Lesson15         Lesson16
Lesson17    Lesson18    Lesson 19     Lesson20        Lesson21       Lesson 22        Lesson23         Lesson24
Lesson25   Lesson26   Lesson 27    Lesson28        Lesson29        Lesson 30        Lesson31        Lesson32
Lesson33    Lesson34   Lesson 35

Reading level 2:-

Reading level 2.1:-

The brief description of each level:-

Reading Level 1:-
We have provided you with many alphabets and vowels combination tables which will make you learn to read Thai language much  faster and easier.   The combination tables are our own ideas that you cannot find in any other books or websites. 

Reading Level 2:-
This level is for someone who wants to improve their reading skill only as there is no phonetic and translation in each lesson.   The lessons 2-35 of this level are like the lessons 29-35 of the level 1 -  there are only the audio files of the sample reading sounds and the Thai language transcript  pdf files. 

Reading Level 2.1:-
This level is as same as the Reading Level 2— there is no phonetic and translation in each lesson.  This level is for improving your readding skill only.

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